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Will Excessive Sunlight Damage My Car?

When the sun is shining in the middle of a gorgeous summer day, it's hard not to enjoy being out and about in your car. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the blazing sun may actually be bad for your car's exterior and interior. Excessive exposure to sunlight will certainly damage your car. Here are some of the most damaging effects.

Dashboard issues

The combination of ultraviolet radiation from the sun alongside the terrific heat that can build up inside the car can cause a lot of damage, which is likely to cost a lot of money to repair. Your vehicle's dashboard gets some of the longest exposure to sunlight, and the heat on the dash is intensified by the windshield. The dash can become faded relatively quickly, and can lose its flawless appearance. Some commonly used materials can split or crack under intense heat, leaving the whole area looking very unsightly.

Upholstery problems

Similar problems can affect the seat upholstery in the car. Leather seats quickly age when exposed to the sun. The color is likely to fade, which can be very noticeable on black or dark seats. Over time, the heat and sunlight will also dry out the natural oils in the leather, causing it to dry, stiffen and crack. The leather used in car seats is often treated to be more resistant to sun damage, but this can only really delay the inevitable if the car is continually exposed to sunlight.

Mind the paint

Your car's paintwork is also at risk from excessive sunlight. Darker paint colors, like black, red, or blue, are particularly susceptible to damage from the sun. Over time, the paintwork of most cars will fade and lose its color if continually exposed to the sun. Plastic parts on your car's exterior are equally vulnerable when it comes to sunlight. Parts like bumpers, fenders, mirror covers and luggage racks are often overlooked when it comes to protecting the car, but will also fade over time.

How to avoid these problems

Sun damage to your car can be avoided in a number of ways. Always try and park the car in a shaded spot or under cover so it is not in direct sunlight. If you have to leave the car in direct sunlight, use window shades to prevent the direct sunlight hitting the dash. This will also keep the car a little cooler for when you drive off. You can protect your seats by putting covers on them if the car is left in a sunny position.

Mercedes-Benz of Owings Mills will also be able to help recommend products that can be applied to leather or PVC seats to ensure they are further protected from sunlight. Regularly waxing your car’s paintwork can also protect it from sun damage. Contact us for more information about available services.